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Project Land Mineded is an arena-based FPS where every bullet ricochets. The bullets bounce off walls, fall to the ground, and become land mines. As the match progresses, mines start to cover the entire battlefield and don’t disappear. Stepping on a mine detonates it and causes a bit of damage. This new gameplay mechanic adds platforming elements to the FPS genre.

Project Land Mineded is designed to be a very “arcadey” shooter like Unreal Tournament or Quake 3 Arena. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously and instead focuses on having fun.

Project Land Mineded uses geometrically accurate projectile physics to add a sense of realism to the otherwise absurd shooter. Players can adjust the physics engine to be more realistic or more over the top.

  • Super fast-paced combat – Even scratching your nose could be your death
  • Experience the new mechanic of mine mayhem
  • Each weapon has different physical properties – no mass, scatter shot, air cannon, etc
  • Face off against famous physicists of the past and present in epic deathmatches
  • Go online and play against up to 15 of your friends in relationship-ending chaos
  • Full Steam support – Achievements, Cloud Saves, Matchmaking, Big Picture Mode, Trading Cards

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